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User Instructions for ONLINE payment

1 - Go to www.wash-mate.com and log into your account

2 - Locate an available machine


3 - Start:


Reserve me for "10 minutes"
It is recommended that you reserve a machine. This gives you time to take your washing to the laundry room and also prevents someone else from taking the machine.
During the 10 minutes reservation period your preferred machine will display "rES".


When you have loaded the machine with washing and detergent, go to your smart phone and push the "Click here to begin" 
button. You will also receive an "unlock" link by e-mail, which means you can make a reservation on your computer and then go to the laundry and start the machine with your smart phone.


4 - Now you need to select your program

Washing machine


There are 6 washing programs available. Select by pushing "Pay and start the machine"

Tumble Dryer


There are 4-5 drying programs available. You can alter the drying time with the "+" and "-" buttons. When you have finished push "Pay and start the machine"

6 - Make your payment.


7 - Push the green "Start button" on the machine.



8 - You will receive an e-mail when the cycle has nearly finished.


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