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Why to put adverts in Wash-Mate.com?

There are 3 very simple reasons:

  1. Wash-Mate.com - it is the only payment option for laundry services;
  2. The end user is a student aged from 18 to 30 years;
  3. The website is visited from all type devices that are internet valid, including computers and all mobile devices.

Banner positions

The laundry

Size Position Price
312 x 330 px Next to machines 5 EUR /day (Introduction price 1 EUR / day)
1043 x 185 px Full width under machines 6 EUR / day (Introduction price 1 EUR / day)

Text pages

Excluding Terms of Use web page

Size Position Price
312 x 330 px Right side of the textarea 4 EUR /day
312 x 185 px Right side of the textarea 3 EUR / day
312 x 700 px Right side of the textarea 5 EUR / day
1043 x 185 px Above text 5 EUR / day
1043 x 185 px Under the text 5 EUR / day

All the prices are with included VAT (21%).

File formats

Valid file formats are: png, jpg un gif, without an animation.
Max weight for the banner is 150 KB.

Contact us about placing your banner inside Wash-mate.com website

Phone: +37126476287

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